Fillmore Physical Therapy, LLC
Fillmore Physical Therapy, LLC

Providing Outpatient and Home Care Physical Therapy

Fillmore Physical Therapy, LLC
11039 Dugway Rd
Fillmore, NY 14735
Phone: 585-567-2232 585-567-2232
Cell: 585-567-2233
Fax: 585-567-2239
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Our business hours

Monday - Thursday07:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Please note: a Friday or weekend appointment may be available under special circumstances.

Steven Tucker, PT (Owner)

Jesse Fink, DPT 

Wes Erhardt, PTA

Angela Babbitt, Receptionist

Rosie-  greeter, therapist and mascot


Edward Kelly, PTA- Home Care

Erin Carter, PTA- Home Care

Melissa Cole, Billing

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